A Quick Correction of Donald Trump’s Standard Stump Speech

So what is Donald Trump lying about lately? I don’t feel like repeating his lies, so here’s a quick and non-comprehensive correction of what he’s been telling his fans at his rallies:

There are no riots here in California. Democrats do not want to give Cadillacs to undocumented immigrants. Republicans do not have any kind of plan to lower middle-class taxes next year. Illegal immigration is not increasing. We do not have a $110 billion deal to supply arms to Saudi Arabia. We don’t really have any kind of deal at all, let alone one of that size. Selling arms to Saudi Arabia, in whatever quantities, will not generate 500,000 jobs. Or 600,000 jobs. Or 1 million jobs. The entire defense industry only employs about 300,000 people in the first place, and Saudi Arabia is not that big a customer. There’s no evidence that the caravan of migrants walking north from Guatemala includes any Middle Eastern terrorists. Crime is not increasing. Trump has not started building his wall. Nor is Mexico paying for his nonexistent wall. Trump’s various health care plans did not protect people with pre-existing conditions. The Veterans Choice Act was signed into law by President Obama in 2014, not by Trump. In 2017 Trump signed a bill approving a new version of the act that he likes better, but without bothering to fund it. US Steel is not opening eight new plants. Or seven. Or six. Or even one. Democrats will not destroy Medicare or Social Security. Democrats do not advocate open borders. Democrats have placed a number of immigration proposals on the table over the past decade or so, and they’re all easy to find and read.

These are just the recent highlights. The list will undoubtedly expand substantially the next time Trump opens his mouth.

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