America’s frog is almost cooked

No doubt you’ve heard the old myth—or metaphor, if you prefer—that if you place a live frog in a pot of warm water and slowly raise the temperature, bit by bit, the frog won’t notice the change and consequently won’t jump out of the pot until it ends up fully cooked.

According to an old article from The Atlantic, this myth is bullshit and, in fact, the frog will actually jump out of the pot when he becomes uncomfortable enough, even if the temperature slowly rises.  Be that is it may, it does raise the question of exactly where the ultimate “jump point” is when it comes to the general behavior of the cover-up artist who happens to currently reside in the White House.

He loudly whines that he’s been treated “unfairly” and more harshly than any other White House resident in history, while a treasonous, evil attempted coup has raged on against him costing $31 million, thousands of document requests, 2,800 subpoenas, and 500 people interviewed. He argues the results found “no collusion” and “no obstruction,” even though it found plenty of the former. He wasn’t exonerated or vindicated, he just barely escaped—so far.

The question that stands before America: Exactly when will so many who are currently content to remain in the pot as the temperature of corruption, incompetence, and malfeasance continues to rise, finally get so uncomfortable they reach the “jump” point?

A few reminders of the boiling, “corrupt” water that once made them fervently shout “Lock her up!” just might help for contrast.

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