An unsubtle Trump threatens veto of ‘Protecting Americans with Preexisting Conditions Act of 2019’

It’s going to be damned hard for Republicans to run in 2020 on the idea that they’re all about protecting people’s health care when they’ve got Donald Trump doing things like saying he would veto a bill called “Protecting Americans with Preexisting Conditions.”

The House is taking up the legislation from Democratic Rep. Annie Kuster on Thursday. Her legislation would protect Americans with pre-existing conditions from the Trump administration’s healthcare sabotage by reiterating that insurance companies cannot discriminate against them. This is in response to guidance from the Trump administration that will allow states to let insurance companies sell non-compliant policies (which no state has yet been foolish enough to do).

It’s also in preparation for the potential for the Affordable Care Act to be struck down by federal courts, as the Trump administration is arguing for. “We cannot go back to a time when Americans with pre-existing conditions can be charged more or denied care,” said Rep. Kuster.

Republicans, led by Trump, are going to pretend like this bill is just simple politics, intended to make them look bad when they vote against it. It’s going to do that, but it’s not just politics. It’s people’s lives.


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