Ann Coulter has more influence over Trump than Jim Mattis. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will

Chaos. That’s where America is right now. Who put us there? You don’t really need me to answer that, do you? A more complex question is how the hell did he end up in the White House, but that’s a whole other subject, one we’ve been chewing on for the past two years. But let’s talk about where we are now. Let’s focus on two policy arenas where, this week, the Man Who Lost The Popular Vote announced head-spinningly abrupt shifts (and that is an understatement). 

The first shift was on shutting down the government if Individual 1 didn’t get the money—that Mexico was going to provide, remember?—to pay for his ridiculous, racist, not to mention completely useless political stunt of a border wall. The current round of idiocy began when Trump got played hard, by Nancy Pelosi in particular, along with Chuck Schumer, in their televised White House meeting, during which Mr. 46 Percent of the Popular Vote took complete ownership for shutting down the government over his wall, proclaiming: “If we don’t get what we want I will shut down the government.”

Then, a few days after that, Trump walked it back—or had Sarah Sanders do it for him. He trotted out Sanders to signal that he was backing down, and she explained that, well, they didn’t actually need that $5 billion for the wall in the continuing resolution to fund the government because “we have other ways that we can get to the $5 billion that we will work with Congress.” Okay, so it looked for a moment like maybe sanity would prevail. After all, Republicans had taken a historic shellacking in the midterms, and perhaps Trump realized he’d have to live with that.

Then along came Ann Coulter.

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