As Trump blusters about his hard work, White House seeks to expose their ‘executive time’ leaker

A week ago an unknown leaker gave Axios Donald Trump’s White House schedules for the last three months—an embarrassment, because it turns out that Trump has been spending roughly 60 percent of those three months not in meetings, briefings, or other presidential duties but in euphemistically labeled “executive time.” He reportedly seldom if ever makes it down to the Oval Office before 11am, instead preferring to watch television and grouse to friends over the phone.

Despite valiant attempts by professional White House liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders to brand Trump’s mostly-unscheduled days as a “creative environment”, the White House appears to be keenly aware that the release of the schedules make the sitting “president” look like the world’s most heavily guarded couch potato. There is now a heated investigation into who, in the White House, could have leaked such a thing.

West Wing officials managing the hunt have enlisted the help of the White House IT office, and believe they are making progress in narrowing the search for potential suspects.

Donald Trump may have no patience for U.S. intelligence officials explaining the details of the nation’s top security concerns, but leaking documents that prove moderately embarrassing to the commander-in-cheese will not stand.

Even as hunt for Insufficiently Loyal Person continues, however, Donald Trump took some time today to express just how Actually the schedule shows his supreme genius: 

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