As Trump’s shutdown continues, TSA cancels training for 300+ ‘frontline’ security workers

Feeling safer yet?

The Transportation Security Administration had to cancel training last week for 323 employees who do frontline security work, like airport screening, as the government shutdown continues.

Not to worry, a TSA spokesperson told Politico, it’s not “mission critical” training that’s being canceled, only “supervisory and advanced” training. Everything’s fine! We’re just canceling some training.

Oh, and TSA workers have been calling out sick. And many are expected to quit entirely if the shutdown goes much longer, because there aren’t many people on that payroll who can absorb the costs of going to work but not getting paid. Which means even longer lines in coming weeks and, if the government ever does manage to re-open, needing to find and train brand-new workers. Which means that the net experience of the whole operation will be going down, in future months, as those new workers are trained on how to identify smuggled weapons, hidden bombs, and so forth.

So: Feeling safer yet?


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