As Trump’s White House aides fret over shutdown, his Fox News advisers blow sunshine you know where

Donald Trump’s West Wing aides have reportedly been trying to impress upon him that the shutdown is entering dangerous political territory and they need to find a way out. 

“There’s going to have to be a reality check moment that what he signs might not be what he’s been saying he needs,” one anonymous official told the Wall Street Journal. “I don’t see how this can stretch much longer without becoming disastrous for everyone.”

But Trump’s other advisers over at state-run Fox News are telling him otherwise, according to Media Matters for America. “Fox & Friends could level with its audiences — which includes the president — and let them know that he’s lost the argument,” writes Matthew Gertz. “Instead, the hosts are still telling them that Trump has the upper hand, implying Speaker Nancy Pelosi will inevitably need to submit to his demand for the wall.”

Gertz tweeted out a quote from Fox host Steve Doocy suggesting that even Democratic voters are blaming Pelosi. “I was talking to a guy who has voted Democratic his entire life in New Jersey yesterday,” Doocy relayed, “and he said ‘I can’t believe that she is not even willing to sit across the table and negotiate.'”

Great anecdote. Looked at the polls lately, Ace? 

Almost 60 percent of Americans oppose the wall. Those who oppose the wall also oppose compromise more stridently than those who support the wall. Large majorities of voters in every single damn poll blame Trump and Republicans over Democrats for the shutdown. 63 percent of voters oppose shutting down the government to force funding for the wall. 61 percent support funding border security without wall funding. Trump’s disapproval ratings are rising even faster than his approval ratings are falling. 



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