Barack & Michelle Obama Top Most Admired Man & Woman Polls — See Where The Trumps Fell!

How lovely to get to vote for Barack Obama again…

Gallup Polls released their annual Most Admired Men And Women lists on Thursday, and the 44th President took the title for the 11th year in a row — just one year away from tying Dwight Eisenhower.

Yeah, Gallup has been doing this a long time…

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Innerestingly, Donald Trump was runner-up to his nemesis once again.

Here’s the full list of men:

Most Admired Men (% of vote)

Barack Obama (19) Donald Trump (13) George W. Bush (2) Pope Francis (2) Bill Gates (1) Bernie Sanders (1) Bill Clinton (1) Dalai Lama (1) Joe Biden (1) Elon Musk (1) Mike Pence (1)

It’s horrifying 13% of men picked as their most admired a man whose charity had to be shut down because it was too corrupt. Oof.

And over on the women’s side, an upset!

For the first time in 17 YEARS, Hillary Clinton did not take 1st place. In fact, she didn’t even get 2nd!

No, Michelle Obama finally got to complement her hubby with a landslide victory. In 2nd place? Oprah Winfrey.

Now THAT can’t be one of Hillary’s favorite things…

Meanwhile, Melania Trump was unable to plagiarize Michelle’s numbers — instead doing so with Hillary, tying the former FLOTUS.

Here’s the full list of women:

Most Admired Women (% of vote)

Michelle Obama (15) Oprah Winfrey (5) Hillary Clinton (4) Melania Trump (4) Queen Elizabeth (2) Angela Merkel (2) Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2) Ellen DeGeneres (2) Nikki Haley (1) Malala Yousafzai (1) Nancy Pelosi (1)

Who are YOUR most respected people of the year??

[Image via Euan Cherry/WENN.]

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