Barr reportedly got key info on Mueller’s findings three weeks ago

It turns out that Attorney General William Barr had a lot longer than just 48 hours to analyze the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not reach a conclusion as to whether President Trump obstructed justice during Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russian election interference in 2016.

In fact, Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met with members of Mueller’s prosecutorial team three weeks ago, CNN reports. Mueller’s team informed them that Mueller would neither indict or exonerate the president of obstruction. Barr reportedly did not expect this conclusion.


NEWS – on the obstruction piece of Mueller’s investigation – have learned that SCO told Barr/Rosenstein 3 wks ago he wouldn’t reach conclusion on obstruction, that was *not* expected; dispels notion Barr came up with his analysis in 48 hrs, he’s known for weeks what was coming

— Laura Jarrett (@LauraAJarrett) March 25, 2019


But the revelation is important because it challenges the widely-held notion that Barr reached his own judgment on obstruction in the tight, 48-hour window between when Mueller handed the report to Barr on Friday evening and Barr’s letter to Congress briefing them on the principal conclusions of the investigation, which he sent on Sunday afternoon.

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