Biden says he’s open to breaking up tech giants like Facebook

Former Vice President Joe Biden believes “we should take a really hard look at” breaking up large tech companies like Facebook, he revealed during an interview Monday with The Associated Press.

He is the latest 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to weigh in on the issue, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) leading the charge for more regulations. Warren has shown there’s a “very strong case to be made for” cracking down on such companies, Biden said, adding that President Trump isn’t doing much to enforce antitrust laws.

Regarding trade, Biden said he doesn’t regret backing the North American Free Trade Agreement while he was a senator. “Fair trade is important,” he said. “Not free trade. Fair trade. And I think that back in the time during the Clinton administration, it made sense at the moment.”

He also told AP that should he get the nomination, when it comes time to pick a running mate, it has to be someone who shares “the same basic philosophic view of the world.” If he doesn’t receive the nomination but a Democrat wins the election, he wouldn’t say no to working in their administration. “I learned a long time ago, don’t rule out anything,” Biden said. “If I can be helpful if I weren’t the nominee, I would do whatever I could.”

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