Buttigieg embraces plan to end the ‘apocalyptic, ideological firefight’ over the Supreme Court

The courts packed by Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be one of the big problems the next Democratic president will need to address. Pete Buttigieg is embracing a big idea. Buttigieg has endorsed a proposal, authored by law professors Daniel Epps and Ganesh Sitaraman (a college friend of Buttigieg’s), to expand the Supreme Court to 15 justices and acknowledge—then try to rise above—the court’s current partisanship.

Under this proposal, five justices would be Republican, five would be Democratic, and the final five would be nonpartisan and chosen by the first 10. The nonpartisan justices would serve a limited term while the partisan ones would have lifetime appointments.

“The reform of not just expanding the number of members but doing it in a way where some of them are selected on a consensus, nonpartisan basis, it’s a very promising way to do it,” Buttigieg told NBC News. “There may be others. But the point is, we’ve got to get out of where we are now, where any time there is an opening, there is an apocalyptic, ideological firefight. It harms the court, it harms the country and it leads to outcomes like we have right now.”


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