Donald Trump Comparing Melania to Jackie O Is an Insult to Jackie O

Jackie Kennedy and JFK's funeral.

Jackie Onassis Kennedy worked to help children in need. Melania Trump wore a jacket reading, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” when she went to see suffering children, so can you really compare the two? Donald Trump thinks that just having people call her “Melania T,” it makes her the new Jackie O, and I have never wanted to throw my electronics out a window faster in my entire life.

Here’s the thing about Jackie Onassis Kennedy: She was an extremely intelligent, compassionate woman who Trump probably thinks is just a fashion icon, and that Melania should be a part of that.

The suggestion came when Trump was talking about Air Force One on Fox, stating that he was changing the plane’s Jacki O-chosen color scheme because there is a “new” Jackie O: “It’s called Melania.” (Emphasis ours.) So first, he called his wife an “it,” because he cares more about the trite “it’s called …” phrasing that he frequently uses as a substitute for any actual wit than he does about respecting his wife. Second, Melania is no Jackie O, and calling her such is a disgrace because almost all of Jackie’s choices, while she was in the White House, came from historical backing and not because she thought that murder trees screamed “Christmas.”

Twitter began tearing Trump apart for this comments and honestly, good. I’m sorry but when Melania Trump’s claim to fame is that she wore a jacket saying that she doesn’t care while going to visit suffering children, it is an insult to Jackie O and the entire Kennedy legacy to even say their names in the same breath.

Jackie O visiting suffering children


Melania visiting suffering children

— Adam Best (@adamcbest) June 14, 2019

Me: Jackie O is trending on twitter? Everyone: Cuz Trump


— Lisa Foster 🗯️ (@LisaFosterVoice) June 14, 2019

Trump says we should call Melania “Melania T” like Jackie O. I think we should call her Mrs. T because…

— Leo Hayden (@leohayden) June 14, 2019

Jackie O was the epitome of grace & beauty. She overcame a plethora of hardships & heartaches, with poise and elegance. She was an incredible First Lady & an even more marvelous woman. She balanced passions + duties, and did so with class.

Don’t EVER compare her to Melania.

— becca (@rebvill) June 14, 2019

Me: Jackie O is trending! That’s cool. I wonder why. Me:

— Peri Kinder (@Perilynn) June 14, 2019

Jackie O? Put some respect on her name.

— Mad Men Bon Mots (@MadMenQTs) June 14, 2019

Me: Why is Jackie O trending? Me seeing why Jackie O is trending:

— The Mary Sue (@TheMarySue) June 14, 2019

So let’s all take a step back, read up on Jackie O, and never compare her to Melania Trump again.

(image: Central Press/Getty Images)

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