Donald Trump Goes TOTAL ‘Mean Girls’ On Nancy Pelosi! Read His Catty Letter!

Donald Trump said last month he was “proud” to shut down the government over his stupid wall. Now he’s doing everything he can to blame Democrats.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked Trump to cancel his January 29 State of the Union address — considering the state the union is in at the moment is BROKEN.

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Trump couldn’t help but respond to the somewhat snarky political statement by proving no one is beneath him. In a nonsensical escalation, the White House canceled Pelosi’s overseas trip which was scheduled to begin on Thursday — complete with a a VERY Mean Girls announcement.

In a letter taped to Pelosi’s locker by Trump’s friend Sarah, Trump said:

“In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate.”

Wow, that could not get any cattier if it had accompaniment by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The “public relations event” was a congressional delegation meeting with our NATO allies in Belgium and troops in Afghanistan. Several members of Congress had already boarded a bus to the airport.

But this is how Trump suggested she proceed on such a trip:

“Obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative.”

Next he’s going to buy valentines for everyone in the House of Representatives except her…

This is such an I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I. “You canceled me? No, I’m canceling you”??

Why is it the president can’t speak to a woman without turning into a child?

Trump also wrote he’d rather Pelosi stay in Washington to negotiate.

Trump! We know you couldn’t pass a high school social studies test, but the House already passed a bill to reopen — the same one which had previously passed unanimously in the Senate.

She can’t make you pass it, she can’t make Mitch McConnell put it back up for a vote, she certainly can’t make him override your veto.

The American people don’t want a stupid wall, our representatives aren’t voting to fund a stupid wall. You’re the one being a petulant child.

Read Trump’s full letter (below):

President @realDonaldTrump’s letter to @SpeakerPelosi concerning her upcoming travel

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) January 17, 2019


[Image via CBS/WENN/Paramount/YouTube.]

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