Five old white men turn small Texas town into ‘sanctuary city for the unborn’

Five old white men voted this week to make Waskom, Texas, a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” The picture up there pretty much says it all, but the smugness on display in the video will outright make you sick.

“It’s all in an effort to make it to the Supreme Court and win,” NBC News 6 reported. Even though the city can’t afford a lawsuit and really, guys? C’mon, it’s not like Waskom, Texas, population 2,200 or so, is the only place trying to spark a case that will lead to the Trump Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. With no abortion providers in the East Texas city and all those other abortion bans from places that can afford a lawyer, this looks a little bit like grandstanding for attention.

Supporters of the measure say it’s intended to be preventative, because apparently they believe there’s an abortion-industrial complex intending to open a clinic in every Texas town of 2,000.

Waskom does not appear to be the kind of sanctuary city that seeks to protect children who are born and breathing.


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