Former Republican prosecutors release damning video calling for Trump’s prosecution for obstruction

The Republican Party has been on a pretty steady trajectory toward fascism for a little over 50 years now. The original division between those who believe in a world of humane progress and justice and those who want total control over our country’s abundant resources and wealth was and continues to be predominantly racial. The push toward more fascistic powers of control by conservatives has historically followed the line that people of color, women, and those without money should not be allowed an equal say in the running of our country. That push has never been more overt than it has been in the past decade, when Republicans crystalized their white supremacist agenda, first against President Barack Obama, and subsequently with the support of Donald Trump.

A group of former Republican federal prosectors has combined efforts to push for the further investigation and possible prosecution of Trump for obstruction of justice. Calling itself Republicans for the Rule of Law, the group has released a video highlighting the case against Trump as set out in the Mueller report. The former deputy attorney general under President George H.W. Bush, Donald Ayer; the former deputy assistant secretary of homeland security under President George W. Bush, Paul Rosenzweig; and the former deputy associate attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, Jeffrey Harris, are all featured in the video, explaining in the most simple of terms how insanely corrupt a picture the Mueller report paints of the current administration. 

Some highlighted quotes:

“Obstruction of justice and perjury are far more important than most normal crimes. They go to the absolute core of how the rule of law functions in this society.” “This administration, in my view, has an absolute disregard for the law.” “As a former prosecutor, I did not think it was even a close prosecutorial call as to whether the president obstructed justice.” “Were the president anyone other than the president, he would have been subject to indictment.” “In the Mueller report there is a damning case of obstruction of justice by the president.”  

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