Furloughed federal worker rations insulin, goes to bed not knowing if she’ll wake up in the morning


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First of all, fuck the Russian asset in the Oval Office and the Senate majority leader who is aiding and abetting him for creating this situation.

Mallory Lorge, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes, is forced to ration her insulin and look at her possessions to decide what she can sell to pay down her bills because she isn’t receiving a paycheck during the record-long government shutdown.

Lorge has two vials of insulin in her fridge, and is rationing them because she doesn’t know how long they’re going to have to last—how long this shutdown is going to last. She has a $300 copay on her insurance plan, and lives in River Falls, Wisconsin. Last week, she told NBC News, she didn’t treat a blood-sugar high, feeling forced to ignore it. It wasn’t high enough to make her break into her stash, just in case. “I can’t afford to go to the ER. I can’t afford anything. I just went to bed and hoped I’d wake up.”

She’s 31 years old and married her husband in September. They’re now facing a payment on the $40,000 debt-consolidation loan they were forced take on after she fell ill and had to be hospitalized for sepsis and pneumonia, both conditions made far more serious by her diabetes. Her husband is working overtime, and they’ve depleted their savings and all the money they received as wedding gifts, so Lorge is now flirting with death on a daily basis because she can’t afford life-saving medicine.

Second of all, though, fuck the drug companies. There’s no reason in the world for insulin to cost that kind of money. It’s been around forever. There are no great leaps forward in insulin’s formula or production that would demand that kind of price tag. It’s drug (and insurance) companies literally taking lives hostage.

Which brings us to another reason to say fuck Trump and McConnell. That’s what they want to make even worse for millions of Americans, too, by undercutting the Affordable Care Act and making health care in America even more expensive, even more difficult to obtain.

That’s what Trump and McConnell have done. If Lorge dies in her sleep during this shutdown, it is on their heads.


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