Here’s a shocker: Susan Collins is concerned about the shutdown

Maine Sen. Susan Collins is pursuing a bid to join the ranks of the most useless beings: Senate Republicans “concerned” about Individual 1 and his policies. Her concern this week (besides re-election) is the government shutdown. She is actually aiding and abetting Trump by proposing potential deals that she knows Democrats will not agree to, thereby positioning herself as the reasonable moderate when all she’s really doing is piling onto the Republican narrative that it’s the Democrats’ fault.

On Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press (of course she was on Meet the Press—John McCain isn’t around to play the “maverick” for them any more), Collins suggested that one compromise could be the $2.5 billion for the border security/DACA bill that Trump torpedoed last year. That, of course, ignores the fact that Trump has already declared he won’t accept anything less than $5.7 billion (up from the original $5 billion) and now has tacked on another $800 million for other border stuff.

Then comes her heartfelt concern: “This isn’t a matter of one side or the other caving in. It’s a matter of getting to a compromise, and that is a sign of strength. And it’s important that we remember that real lives are being affected here: the 800,000 federal employees, dedicated public servants, who won’t get a paycheck next Friday if this isn’t resolved very soon,” she said. But really, she said later, it’s all about one side caving so that she and other Republicans don’t have to take principled stands. “But unless Chuck Schumer and Speaker Pelosi agree and the president agrees to sign a bill, we can pass bills but they won’t become law.”

She really is more useless than even former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake. At least he ended up being somewhat useful in that he didn’t let Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell jam any more of Trump’s judicial nominees through in the lame duck session last year.

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