House voting on contempt for both Barr and McGahn, changing rules to enforce subpoenas

The contempt citation on Attorney General William Barr is moving forward. And it’s not just Barr: Legislators will bring contempt citations for both the attorney general and former White House Counsel Don McGahn to the floor of the House on Tuesday.

And that’s not all. CNN is reporting that Democrats in the House are voting on changes that would empower committees to move to court more quickly to enforce congressional subpoenas, as well as authorize committee chairmen with the ability to hold officials in contempt without requiring a vote by the full House.

The move to hold Barr and McGahn in contempt would move the conflict between Congress and the White House to a new level, and should force a court decision on the legality of the expansive use of executive privilege that had been claimed by Donald Trump. That would include placing all redacted sections of the Mueller report under privilege, or claiming the authority to stop McGahn from testifying.

If the plan passes next week, the battle over subpoenas and contempt citations could kick into a much higher gear, allowing Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler and Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff to go straight to court without stopping at the House floor.


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