How can you know Republicans are lying about protecting health care? Watch what they do

There are two things to know about Republicans when they talk about protecting your health care and your pre-existing conditions coverage this election: 1) they are lying; 2) they will take your health care away if they are re-elected.

Setting the stage is the fact that voters know what Republicans intend to do to health care, which has made it the most important issue of this midterm cycle. It’s remained so throughout the past year, and was number one in this month’s Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Nearly as many voters surveyed say a candidate’s position on health care (71 percent) is as important as the candidate’s character and experience (73 percent).

That’s why Republicans are lying about what they intend to do to health care. It’s not like it’s ever been a big secret that they believe government should have nothing to do in the sector. Look at the efforts starting with Newt Gingrich as House speaker back in the 1990s to begin dismantling Medicare. His proposed cuts were just one of the triggers for his shutdown showdown with President Bill Clinton on 1995. Fast forward a couple of decades and there’s soon-to-be House Speaker Paul Ryan making a big push to privatize Medicare and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) leading the House maniacs to shutdown government over Obamacare repeal.

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