Joe Biden reportedly wants Trump voters to like his climate policy too

Joe Biden has a middle-ground plan for everything.

The former vice president has wavered between acknowledging yet not apologizing for his uncomfortable contact with women over the years, and has earned a centrist reputation on pretty much every issue out there. Now, he’s added to the mix “a middle ground approach” on climate change that he hopes will appeal to environmentalists and President Trump’s voters alike, Reuters reports.

Just like every aspect of his campaign so far, a President Biden would take direct aim at Trump by rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and restoring emissions regulations that Trump tried to scrap, Biden’s informal climate adviser Heather Zichal tells Reuters. A second unnamed source says Biden will also look to back nuclear energy, natural gas, and carbon capture technology that limits coal emissions.

That all comes at a stark contrast to more ambitious plans most other 2020 Democrats have rolled out so far, with Washington Gov. Jay Inslee topping the list as the so-called “climate candidate.” Biden also hasn’t said anything about the Green New Deal, which a large chunk of candidates say they support. Yet Zichal seemed to make Biden’s stance pretty clear, telling Reuters that “right now, we need a little bit more reality around this dialogue.” Zichal, who spent four years directing a natural gas firm, seemingly wasn’t talking about the reality of the devastation promised if global temperature rise goes unchecked.

A spokesperson for Biden declined to comment on the reported policy, but said “Joe Biden has called climate change an ‘existential threat'” and helped develop the Paris Climate Agreement. Read more at Reuters.

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