Judiciary Democrats stand with women, demand investigation or withdrawal of Kavanaugh nomination


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The 10 Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are unanimous: allegations against Brett Kavanaugh must be investigated by the FBI, or his nomination to the Supreme Court should be withdrawn. They make their case in a letter to the pussy-grabber-in-chief, and they stand up for women in a powerful way:

The serious and credible allegations of one woman should have been enough to require a complete investigation by the FBI. It should not have required multiple women with consistent accounts of serious sexual misconduct by Judge Kavanaugh to trigger a meaningful nonpartisan investigation.

“Judge Kavanaugh is being considered for a promotion,” they point out. “A lifetime appointment the nation’s highest court where he will have the opportunity to rule on matters that will impact Americans for decades.” Kavanaugh’s declarations of “his respect for women” and “blanket denials of any possible misconduct,” they write, “are in serious doubt.” Therefore, they are united in asking “that you immediately direct an FBI investigation or withdraw this nomination.”

That’s not going to happen unless two Republicans decide that they can’t allow themselves to be sullied and tarnished by a “yes” vote for Kavanaugh, but it’s vitally important to the women who have come forward to know that they are heard, supported, and lifted up.

It’s time to shut Mitch McConnell and his Republican Senate down. Please help with $3 to our Senate candidates.


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