Key Senate Democrat suggests Trump Jr. and others could face indictments for lying to Congress

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut was on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show last night to discuss what has been investigated, and what the public might or might not find out about what Donald Trump and his merry band of criminals have said or done. While Sen. Blumenthal could not discuss what was said by administration and campaign players to Congress behind closed doors, he did make this very sharp assertion. 

Sen. Blumenthal: Very simply, Rachel, I’m barred from saying whether any testimony has been conveyed to the special counsel. But I can tell you this much: I was in the room when a great many of these witnesses appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee behind closed doors. I think many of them should be called back to testify in public and I hope that will be true of other congressional committees as well, because behind closed doors, there arose, in my mind very clearly, questions, serious issues concerning their truthfulness, and that issue pertained particularly to Donald Trump Jr. in a number of his contentions before our committee. I think this common thread of lying to Congress and particularly to congressional committees may ensnare a number of other potential targets in this special counsel’s investigation and become a matter of criminal action.

If you didn’t get that, Sen. Blumenthal of Connecticut says that he feels pretty sure that Donald Trump Jr. and a slew of Trump-connected sketchballs likely lied to Congress in the same way that the recently indicted Roger Stone did. 

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