Lara Trump Says Federal Workers Are Going Through A ‘Little Bit Of Pain’ Amid Government Shutdown & Twitter Responds!

Twitter is accusing Lara Trump of some major Marie Antoinette B.S. this week after she unsuccessfully attempted to rally federal employees who were affected by the partial government shutdown.

In an interview this week, the president’s daughter-in-law and campaign adviser said the shutdown — which, need we remind you, began after Donald Trump rejected a Senate measure that didn’t include funding for his $5.7 billion border wall —  “is so much bigger than any one person.”

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When asked by BOLD TV what she would say to the workers who are coming to work and not getting paid directly because of her father-in-law’s ego, she explained:

“Listen this is, it’s not fair to you and we all get that but this is so much bigger than any one person. It is a little bit of pain but it’s going to be for the future of our country and their children and their grandchildren and generations after them will thank them for their sacrifice.”

Sacrifice!? Sure, Lara might know a thing or two about sacrifice seeing that she’s giving her best years to Eric Trump and all — but 800,000 furloughed federal workers?

To Miss Trump, however, it’s simply something that needs to be done to fix the country’s damning immigration problem. She continued:

“Right now, I know it’s hard. I know people have families they have bills to pay, they have mortgages, they have rents that are due. But the president is trying every single day to come up with a good solution here… and the reality is, it’s been something that’s gone on for too long and been unaddressed, our immigration problem. If we do nothing right now it’s never going to get fixed.”

Until the wise Humpty Trumpty solves the problem he created, Lara is urging federal workers to “stay strong” while once again thanking them for their sacrifice:

“We appreciate everything that you’re sacrificing. We are behind you and we’re gonna do everything we can. I know the president is doing everything he can to resolve this quickly.”

The court of Twitter opinion vociferously disagrees with the 36-year-old’s argument that a shutdown, which is now in its 33rd day, is worth the “bit of pain” for the greater good of The Donald’s border wall.

If Lara wants to experience a “bit of pain” for herself, she should read some of the social media responses to her silly interview (below).

Lady with lots of money (and food) tells federal workers who aren’t getting paid and can’t afford food for their families to suck it up.

— Kimberley Johnson (@AuthorKimberley) January 23, 2019


TL;DR: Let them eat gluten free cake!

— Jennifer Taub (@jentaub) January 23, 2019


If Lara Trump would like to pay my furloughed wife’s $600/month law school loans, our $2,100/month rent, or our $1,350/month day care bill, my email address is in my bio.

— Bradford Pearson (@BradfordPearson) January 23, 2019


“It is a little bit of pain”, said Lara Trump, one of the richest women in America, “kind of like when Eric blew the head off of that elephant and was bummed because he couldn’t mount it.” #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaythoughts

— Holly Figueroa O’Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) January 23, 2019


If Lara Trump actually thinks the shutdown will be worth it for 800,000 furloughed federal workers, then huge congrats to Eric for finding one of the few people as dumb as he is.

— Adam Best (@adamcbest) January 23, 2019


Americans respond to Lara Trump argument that government shutdown is a “bit of pain” worth it for the greater good of the border wall

— David Frum (@davidfrum) January 23, 2019



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