Lindsey Graham Stages Meltdown After Christine Blasey Ford Finishes Testimony

Moments after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford finished nearly four hours of testimony detailing her sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday blasted Democrats for “playing a political game” aimed to block the president from nominating someone to the Supreme Court.

The South Carolina Republican even appeared to speak of Ford in belittling terms, describing her as a “nice lady” who was making an “emotional accusation.” 

“All I can say is that we’re 40-something days away from the election and their goal—not Ms. Ford’s goal—is to delay this past the midterms so they can win the Senate and never allow Trump to fill the seat,” Graham told reporters. “I believe that now more than ever.”

Following Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, Sen. Lindsey Graham says he feels “ambushed.”

“Here’s what I’m more convinced of: the friends on the other side set it up to be just the way it is.” #KavanaughHearings

— ABC News (@ABC) September 27, 2018


“Here’s what I’m more convinced of: The friends on the other side set it up to be just the way it is,” he continued. “I feel ambushed.”

Graham also repeatedly questioned certain elements of Ford’s testimony, focusing on her stated fears of flying as a result of the alleged attack and the payment for her lawyers and for the polygraph test she took on her allegations against Kavanaugh. 

The highly partisan attacks came as many conservative members of the media openly acknowledged that Ford appeared highly credible and that her testimony was a disaster for Republicans supporting Kavanaugh’s nomination process.

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