Melania is bringing a bullied boy named Trump to the State of the Union

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Last night, the White House released its official guest list for the State of the Union and in it was a boy named “Trump.”

Joshua Trump, to be precise.

In December, the story of Joshua Trump went around the web. The Wilmington, Delaware, boy said he was relentlessly bullied at school for having the same last name as President Donald Trump. Joshua’s parents said kids at his school “curse at him, they call him an idiot, they call him stupid,” all for his name. The harassment, they said, was so relentless they homeschooled Joshua for a year.

According to ABC, Trump returned to school in January under a different last name. But now he’s gonna be thrust in the national spotlight as a guest of Melania Trump, who has started a campaign against cyberbullying as First Lady.

Naturally, people thought this choice was ironic, as her husband enthusiastically ridicules his opponents whenever he has the opportunity.

I can’t wait for Joshua to meet Low IQ Maxine Waters, Crying Chuck Schumer, Crooked Hillary, Pocahontas, Da Nag Blumenthal, Lyin Ted, Little Marco, and Kenyan Born Barack Obama. Be Best!

— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) February 5, 2019


But the choice to bring Joshua Trump has a larger significance, coming as a debate rages in the nation over whether people can publicly support the president, given his tone and rhetoric around immigration and people of color.

His signature campaign apparel, the Make America Great Again hat, has become a hot-button issue because people who wear it have been reflexively branded as racist.

Supporters of the president naturally disagree with this assessment and believe the hat falls within their right to free expression.


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