Most Americans think Trump has encouraged white supremacists, and some are worried he has become a ‘legitimizing voice’ for hate groups

President Donald TrumpAndrew Harnik/AP


A poll released by the Public Religion Institute found that the majority of Americans believe that President Donald Trump has encouraged white supremacists.  Trump has been criticized for his rhetoric that has viewed as echoing that of white nationalists. Multiple studies have found that hate crimes in the US are on the rise, and some have been correlated to Trump’s tweets. 

In light of a wave of high-profile hate threats and attacks, President Donald Trump has been widely criticized in the media for stoking conspiracy theories and false narratives among the conservative fringe.

Now, a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute released Monday suggests that most Americans agree that Trump has “encouraged white supremacist groups” with his decisions and behavior. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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