Mueller: Manafort briefed Russian political operative on key battleground state polling in 2016

Remember that August 2016 cigar-bar meeting between Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, deputy campaign chair Rick Gates, and Russian political operative Konstantin Kilimnik? The original reporting about that meeting suggested that during that meeting Manafort briefed Kilimnik on internal Trump campaign polling—which was in fact verified by Robert Mueller’s report. But Mueller’s redacted report also reveals that Manafort’s briefing specifically included information about the key battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. In the end, Trump won the presidency by eking out wins in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by a slim slice of some 80,000 votes (while narrowly losing Minnesota).


At 08/02/16 cigar bar meeting, Manafort, Gates and Kilimnik discussed the Trump campaign “messaging and its internal polling. According to Gates, it also included discussion of ‘battleground” states,’ which Manafort identified as Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota”

— Joe Sudbay (@JoeSudbay) April 18, 2019

That is eyebrow raising to say the least.


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