No matter what happens now, history’s judgment on Kavanaugh is already clear


The date is September 27, 2068. On your neural net’s news feed, you catch a glimpse of an item that says “50th anniversary of Brett Kavanaugh hearings.” You think you vaguely remember something about that from the American history class pills, but the details are vague (you keep confusing the name with Clarence Thomas, for some reason). You fire up the video.

What do you see, through disinterested, utterly neutral future eyes?

You see a woman — quiet, dignified, vulnerable,  heartbreakingly so. She is a neurology professor, and speaks in measured academic tones to an intimidating committee of silent men. She details a sexual assault that took place when she was 15. That’s right, you remember — this is the era when women were just starting to dare speak out about this sort of thing.  Read more…

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