One woman spends hours at the US border in rural New York every day, outfitting immigrants with knitted hats and gloves before they flee to Canada

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Over the last two years, as Americans’ attention has turned to the country’s southern border, one tiny road along the northern border has become a hotspot for asylum-seekers looking for safety and a better life in Canada. Migrants from around the world have been coming to the village of Champlain in upstate New York for a chance to cross the US-Canada border and request asylum. Champlain’s deputy mayor, Janet McFetridge, has personally greeted hundreds of them, staking out the border-crossing almost every single day and bidding migrants farewell with hats and winter wear. “It’s just so many separate stories and separate wishes and hopes and dreams, and people just like all of us just wanting a better life for their families,” she told INSIDER.

CHAMPLAIN, NY — Janet McFetridge dumps a handful of trash on the driver’s seat of her car, pointing to the used credit cards, bus tickets, and scrunched-up bits of paper.

She can’t bring herself to throw them away. They’re the only traces of a long journey that asylum-seekers have left behind in the United States as they fled to Canada for their lives.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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