Overcoming Hate with Sally Kohn

Sally Kohn is the author of the fantastic book, The Opposite of Hate. which explores how we can bridge our differences and speak respectfully with those we passionately disagree with. She has has been published in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and delivered multiple TED Talks on emotional correctness, clickbait, and correcting the culture of hate. In this episode we go deep into what it means to fight hate. Sally shares how to use our creativity and vulnerability to bridge tough topics. Whether you’re tired of internet trolls or losing friends to political differences, Sally Kohn’s insights helps us find common ground. A few of my favorite takeaways: The act of being vulnerable is a major component of what makes artists powerful. As a creative, you have the opportunity to shift your audience’s views by showing your own vulnerability. It’s natural to bond with others around what we dislike and even hate. But hating things together is still backwards movement. How do we move each other forward and be part of the solution? The answer, whether we’re talking about a one on one conversation with a loved one or communicating your world view through your art, is connection. Get […]

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