Poll: 69% of voters say prosecuting a sitting president (e.g., Trump) should be allowed

American voters don’t like the Justice Department memo barring criminal prosecution of a sitting president one bit. Nearly 70% told Quinnipiac University that it should be possible to charge a sitting president, such as Donald Trump, with a crime while they are in office. Even a slim majority of Republican voters favor being able to indict a sitting president by 52%-35%. Democrats support the prospect by 83%, and independent voters also favor it, by 68%.

A solid majority of American voters continues to believe Trump committed crimes before taking office, 57%-29%; but voters are still split down the middle on whether he did so in office, 45%-45%. Cool: The nation is evenly split on whether Trump is a presidential criminal.

While 55% correctly say the Mueller report did not clear Trump of wrongdoing (including 86% of Democrats and 63% of independents), 35% say it did clear Trump, including fully 74% of Republicans. That trend appears to be moving in the right direction. In early May, just 51% said the report hadn’t cleared Trump, while 38% said it had. By the way, 55% also correctly say that Attorney General William Barr misrepresented the conclusions of the Mueller report. 


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