Protesters reportedly set aid trucks along the Venezuela-Colombia border on fire after US government officials thought Maduro was responsible

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A month after two people died and 300 were injured in clashes at the Colombia-Venezuela border, a report from The New York Times suggests that a protester was likely behind an aid truck that caught on fire, not Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s troops, who US officials had thought were behind the incident. The report cites new footage of the event showing a protester throwing a Molotov cocktail minutes before an aid truck caught fire. US officials didn’t name Maduro in a statement but said he was responsible for “creating the conditions for violence.”

Last month, an US-backed effort to break Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro’s block on convoys at the border of Venezuela-Colombia and deliver foreign aid resulted on two people dead and another 300 injured.

The US government said that Maduro supporters were believed to be behind the chaos but a new report and video evidence from the New York Times suggests that a protester was seemingly responsible.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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