Republicans are surprisingly self-aware: They’re happy being dumb

Who hasn’t asked themselves, “Why are Republicans so happy to follow idiots like George W., Sarah Palin, and that Russian-backed traitor, Donald Trump?” Well, it turns out, it’s because it’s easier being happy when you’re a moron, and they know this!

Suddenly everything starts making sense, right? The conservative impulse to follow any fucking moron that says shit that makes them happy, compared to the liberal impulse to never be happy despite gains we’ve made as a party and as a movement (such as acceptance of gay rights, a party that has moved left on income inequality and social safety net programs, etc.)—because we are all-too painfully aware of all the other shit that is wrong with our country and society. 

And you can see it in other polling too. Here are Trump approvals among whites who haven’t graduated college:

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