Sad! Big bash honoring Rudy Giuliani canceled because people find him ‘too toxic’ thanks to Trump

What is there to say about former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani that hasn’t been farted into a bag and fed to a demon for punishment? New York’s Daily News reports that plans for a big 25th-anniversary party for Giuliani, marking the dark day he became mayor, have been scuttled. Why? Because no one wants to be at a party celebrating a guy who may or may not be a part of the biggest and most treasonous and disgraceful chapters in American history. The plan was to have the party at the same hotel at which he celebrated his original mayoral victory. Of course, like everything Giuliani, it was completely orchestrated.

“Rudy wanted it to appear to come together organically,” according to that source, who said the mayor left party-planning responsibilities to associates who struggled to find supporters willing to pay for tickets.

Oh, yes. More please. Even terrible people who have supported Rudy Giuliani over the years would rather not be openly supporting him right now. I wonder why.

“It’d be like a mafia wedding,” that source joked, referring to mob gatherings where investigators and media members show up to take an inventory of party-goers with close ties to the dubious guests of honor.


No photos!

Take that bit of good news with you to keep you warm this weekend!


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