Sen. Marco Rubio again defending himself against claims he used to have principles

Dunking on the hapless Sen. Marco Rubio was old even by the time Donald Trump got to it, during the 2016 campaigns, but it’s become something of a national tradition. The Florida Republican could not possibly be a more vacuous specimen if he tried; like so many other Republicans with high ambitions, the man spends the majority of his days telling every microphone in range of his lofty principles and ideals. It never amounts to anything, is almost always at odds with his own prior legislative votes and actions, and rendered the man a cartoonish shell of what he pretended to be during his dismal presidential campaign.

But he keeps providing the material, so it’s not like the nation can just ignore it. Rude wags dug up Rubio’s would-be principles during the last time an attorney general was facing contempt of Congress charges, back when the president was Barack Obama and the scandal du jour was something called Fast and Furious. He sure did have feelings about that.

“No one can be above the law, not even the attorney general,” Rubio declares in the 2012 clip.” […] “I think an attorney general held in contempt of Congress is someone who should resign.”

[…] “I think it is outrageous that any attorney general, Republican or Democrat, refused to comply with Congress’ constitutional right to hold them accountable and the Justice Department accountable. I would say that if this was a Republican.”

Surprise! He would not say that if this was a Republican. Very miffed indeed that people were passing around his prior statement of Having Principles, In Theory, Rubio responded on Twitter by making it clear that he was only talking about a certain kind of contempt of Congress, and a certain version of Congress’s constitutional right, and a certain subset of “accountable.”

If like Eric Holder William Barr ever authorizes a program like #FastandFurious that gives drug dealers guns subsequently used to kill a U.S. agent,lies about it & then refuses to provide Congress information, he should resign.

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