Sen. Warren: ‘I’ll just be blunt: Betsy DeVos is the worst Secretary of Education we’ve seen’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been rolling out policy after policy after policy, showing all of her classwork. Warren has always been dead serious when it comes to articulating the need for coherent  and transparent policy initiatives. She’s also fearless when speaking truth to corrupt power. And while Warren is making personal appearances, shaking hands, making speeches, and talking with constituents, she is also promoting her policies and messages digitally. BuzzFeed News reports on an email Sen. Warren sent out to her supporters concerning the current state of education in our country, writing, “I’ll just be blunt: Betsy DeVos is the worst Secretary of Education we’ve seen.”

That’s pretty much all you need to say. But Warren is always willing to make her argument, pointing out Devos’ preoccupation with allowing predators (both financial and sexual) free rein, by working to roll back protections for victims of both kinds. Saying she would replace DeVos before the billionaire dummy could spell “replace,” Warren wrote that the next education secretary of the United States should be an educator, someone with “real teaching experience. A person who understands how low pay, tattered textbooks, and crumbling classrooms hurt students and educators.”

While Trump and DeVos are still in control of our federal education policies, students are in trouble. There is nothing coming out of conservative political circles in our country to match the relief being offered by Warren to millions of Americans in her education debt relief policies. 


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