Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel delight in the fallout of Bernie Sanders conquering Fox News

House Democrats were so mad the IRS blew past a deadline to turn over President Trump’s tax returns, they “set a new deadline,” Stephen Colbert sighed on Tuesday’s Late Show. But “we did get to see a different cranky old man’s taxes, because yesterday Bernie Sanders released 10 years of his tax returns,” proving he’s joined the 1 percent, he said. “Finally, now we can get the answers to all my Bernie-related financial controversies, like whether he writes off mothballs as a business expense or a snack?”

Also “last night, Sanders appeared at a Fox News town hall,” and unexpectedly, he “dominated” the event, Colbert said. “Good for Bernie. It just goes to show that on Fox News, it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, what matters is that you’re old. Bernie’s best moment came when Bret Baier asked the Fox town hall audience about ‘government-run health insurance,'” and hands shot up across the room. “I look forward to his next gotcha question,” he joked, suggesting one about sex and pizza. Still, “given Bernie’s success at last night’s town hall, Fox may need to rethink their position on capitalism. So look out for the latest Fox News anchors, Tucker Karls-Marx and Sean Hann-archy.”

Bernie’s Fox News town hall “did not please President Trump, who took a break from the emergency at the border” to slam “Crazy Bernie” and “smiley and nice” Brett Baier,” Jimmy Kimmel noted on Kimmel Live. “He gets very jealous when his Fox makes other friends.”

“And speaking of jealous,” Kimmel said, “Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are holding a summit in Russia next week — all of Trump’s BFFs are hanging out without him. This will be the first meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un. I guess Kim finally realized that if he wants to make a deal with America he has to go the top.” Watch below.

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