There is no War on Christmas. But Republicans want us to believe there is

Is it okay to wish someone you don’t know, who may not be Christian, a “Merry Christmas”? This is a debate that seems to come up with increasing frequency during the holidays. It has further been exacerbated by some right-wing religious zealots who believe that there’s a War on Christmas that their right to celebrate the birth of Jesus (and, subsequently, tell everyone about it) is under attack. 

Of course, it’s not true—not by a long shot. In fact, if anything, we know that the religious right is really good at making up things to be outraged about that aren’t actual issues (fake news!). So just to be clear, there is no and has never been a War on Christmas, though Donald Trump wants you to believe that he has fought and won the war.


Trump’s campaign is currently fundraising off the idea that he made it OK to say Merry Christmas. 🙃

— Jennifer Bendery (@jbendery) December 17, 2018

Someone’s president and his administration are clearly in La La Land. And, sadly, it’s neither the first nor last time. So we’ll just let their followers sit around and praise Trump for saving Christmas or whatever nonsensical thing he’s trying to take credit for doing. 

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