Trump decides to embrace his effort to hurt people by shipping refugees to sanctuary cities

When word surfaced on Thursday that Donald Trump and Stephen Miller had twice pushed a plan to take those applying for asylum at the southern border and dump them in sanctuary cities, the White House rushed to deny that the idea had ever been put forward seriously. Not just Sarah Sanders, but Miller himself, spent the better part of a day waving their hands and claiming it never happened.

Then, as so often happens, Trump decided that a plan that had nothing going for it except the raw opportunity to hurt people in multiple ways sounded like a great idea. 

On Friday, Trump reversed himself, tweeting that “we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities.” So all those things the White House said earlier about Trump not pushing a plan simply in the hopes that it will make people miserable for his pleasure were just lies heaped on lies—because of course he would.

That the plan would add millions in additional costs for transportation alone isn’t an issue. That it would remove those seeking asylum from access to the facilities meant to provide for their processing and entry isn’t an issue. That it would put tens of thousands of people on buses or planes in a massive logistical operation that no one has planned is not an issue. That it would leave those seeking asylum scattered across the county in a way that makes it massively more difficult for them to attend any immigration proceedings—which is exactly the problem Trump originally claimed to be trying to stop—is not an issue.

Trump thinks that it would be embarrassing to liberals who have supported immigrant rights. If it takes millions of dollars and a total disruption of the system to divide America, he’s absolutely willing to go there.

And Democrats should have just one answer to Trump’s cackling, hand-rubbing threat: Bring. It. On.

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