Trump is punishing white-collar crime at the lowest rate since Nixon

Donald TrumpSean Rayford/Getty Images


Antitrust enforcement in the United States has dropped to its lowest rate since Nixon’s presidency. This highlights a growing trend in the current administration: Trump and his team strike military postures when dealing with immigrants, the poor, or people of color. On the other hand, Trump and his team are passive when dealing with businesses that swindle consumers, defraud veterans, exploit workers, or cheat investors.

Last month, when our government blasted tear gas at women and children seeking refuge at our Southern border, ostensibly in service of law and order, a very different picture emerged of other parts of the Trump administration.

Even leaving aside the regular revelations about criminal activity by top Trump associates, the administration itself has shown its law and order mantra to be completely hollow in another crucial area: enforcement of white-collar laws.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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