Trump plans to live-tweet the Democratic debates, much to his advisers’ chagrin

It looks like President Trump will have his Twitter app handy during the Democratic presidential debates, specifically ignoring the wishes of his advisers.

Trump is planning to live-tweet the first Democratic debates next week, which will take place over two nights on June 26 and June 27, The Wall Street Journal reports.

This is despite the fact that Trump’s political advisers have recommended precisely the opposite strategy, telling the president he should refrain from engaging and “arguing that there was an advantage in letting potential challengers attack one another without distraction.”

But it seems Trump feels differently or simply can’t resist the temptation to hit back against his opponents live. There have previously been reports of Trump receiving advice from his advisers not to go after the Democratic candidates so early in the primary, especially former Vice President Joe Biden. But this has mostly gone ignored by the president, who just last week unleashed on Biden as “weak mentally.”

Trump previously employed this social media strategy during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, tweeting during one debate, “Sorry, there is no STAR on the stage tonight!”

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