Trump promised tariff relief to America’s farmers, but the shutdown left tens of thousands in the cold

trump farmersAP Photo/Eric Gay


More than 37,200 American farmers applied for tariff aid during the government shutdown, according to data obtained by Business Insider through a public-records request. None of those were approved while local branches of the Department of Agriculture were closed. That kept some farmers waiting weeks for support payments.

As President Donald Trump sparred with lawmakers over border security in December and January, tens of thousands of American farmers were forced to wait weeks longer than usual for tariff aid and had no confirmation of whether they would receive it at all.

Farmers this winter signed up in droves for support payments the Trump administration promised last year to help offset losses from the president’s trade policies. But access to the $12 billion bailout program was severely limited during the recent partial government shutdown, which was the longest in history.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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