Trump says Mueller ‘made a fool out of himself,’ and definitely makes a fool out of himself

In an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump said that former special counsel Robert Mueller “made such a fool out of himself,” and referred to a letter issued by the Justice Department as “the letter he had to do to straighten out his testimony, because his testimony was wrong.” Trump made the statements in an interview recorded with Fox host Laura Ingraham. 

Ingraham: Do you mind still if Mueller testifies? Before you said you didn’t care if Mueller testifies.

Trump: Let me … let me tell you. He made such a fool out of himself, the last time she … because what people don’t report is the letter he had to do to straighten out his testimony because his testimony was wrong.

Trump then went on to try and hang a new nickname on Nancy Pelosi, call her a “disaster,” and saying, “I think they’re in big trouble” as part of his response to a question about Mueller testifying before Congress.

The only problem with Trump’s statement on Mueller is … everything. First, there was no need for Mueller to “straighten out his testimony” because Mueller has never given testimony. He made a brief 10-minute public statement that mostly consisted of announcing that he was retiring and giving thanks to his team. That was not testimony. Testimony is what Mueller will provide when he sits down with Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee in the near future.

Second, the “letter he had to do” was a letter generated jointly by the Justice Department and the special counsel’s office in an attempt to explain that there was “no conflict” between Mueller’s statement that, under Justice Department rules, he had not been allowed to charge Trump, and earlier statements by Barr claiming that Mueller had not said that he would have charged Trump but for those rules. Not only was the letter not something Mueller “had to do,” but it was something he didn’t write.

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