Trump wants to win 2020 but isn’t very taken with having a message, a plan, or an agenda

Donald Trump isn’t interested in much about the 2020 elections other than his own approval ratings. Now that a flood of campaign donations is pouring in, he doesn’t care about the budget because he won’t be paying for any of it with his own money. That said, fundraisers bore him, and he’d just rather that Mike Pence handle them.

As for rallies, Trump is of two minds. Depending on the whims of the moment, he either rails against too much travel or castigates his aides for “not doing more rallies,” according to The New York Times.

Trump also doesn’t have any patience for brainstorming a new policy platform for a second term, and don’t bother him with any discussion of a new slogan. Despite being in office for two-plus years, he still wants to “Make America Great Again,” sometimes adding that he wants to “keep America great” too.

He does kinda care about that wall he promised, after his base supporters have likely spent the past three years chanting it in their sleep; but he really just wants to make them believe that he’s fighting for it with little investment in actually finding a way to get it done.

Trump is fixated on one thing besides his own approval ratings: Joe Biden. Trump is nothing without an archenemy—if he wasn’t calling someone nasty names with gusto, he might not actually exist. Kind of like his agenda, his message, and his plans don’t exist. Maybe he’ll get interested in drumming up something like that once a Democratic challenger emerges. Then again, maybe not. What are his approvals again?

Both Trump and Biden will be in Iowa Tuesday. Look for Trump’s sudden focus as he slings arrows at his rival—his only reason for being.


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