Trump’s thrilled he’s finally got an attorney general willing to sell out the American people

Donald Trump is finally a happy man. After waiting around for his incessant abuse of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to produce results, Trump’s badgering eventually paid off in the form of a replacement who’s as slippery as a salamander, as loyal as a dog, and as morally bankrupt as Trump’s entire sphere of self-serving grifters. 

According to the Associated Press, Trump “has told those around him that, after being disappointed by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he has found an attorney general loyal to him.”

Ding, ding, ding. In case anyone wondered who Attorney General William Barr was serving—it’s Trump and Trump only. The American people can go take a long walk off a short pier, because Barr doesn’t give a damn who’s paying his salary or what oath of office he took. His allegiance lies with the chief executive, who, by his rendering, is absolutely above the law, no matter how heinous, illegal, or treasonous his actions. American taxpayers are now footing the bill for an attorney general whose only goal is to insulate Trump from being held to account rather than to uphold the rule of law. If that weren’t true, Trump would be shredding Barr in the Twittersphere. Instead, he’s pleased as punch.


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