Tucker Carlson Tells Stephen Moore the White House Showed ‘Weakness’ by Giving Up on Him

Tucker Carlson Tells Stephen Moore the White House Showed ‘Weakness’ by Giving Up on HimHours after President Trump announced that Stephen Moore had withdrawn his name from consideration for the Federal Reserve Board, Fox News host Tucker Carlson told Moore Thursday night that the White House “should have never given into” criticism over Moore’s past sexist and misogynistic remarks.With multiple Republican senators suggesting they wouldn’t support Moore’s nomination in the wake of his resurfaced comments, the president tweeted out Thursday that Moore was out—even though just two hours prior the right-wing economist had told Bloomberg he was “all in” on the nomination. Comparing Moore to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Carlson claimed that “nobody even mentioned your views on relevant issues” before telling Moore he was “fascinated to see that CNN” was leading the charge against him considering Moore had worked for them until recently.Moore explained that he was “bummed out” because he hates quitting but insisted he wasn’t “playing the victim,” admitting that he’s said things in the past that are “impolitic” and “stupid.” (Among the past remarks Moore came under fire for, he reportedly called it an “obscenity” for a woman to be allowed to ref a men’s basketball game in a 2002 column and argued that female athletes should not fight for equal pay since their work is “inferior.”) “I wish there was a statute of limitations on stupidity because some of these things were 25 years old,” he added.“Who cares!” Carlson, who also recently sparked backlash for past offensive remarks, exclaimed.Moore went on to assert that “the left” engaged in “character assassination” and that there was never any mention of his qualifications or economic policies. (This is, of course, not true.) “The White House should have never given into this,” an incensed Carlson said. “They shouldn’t have. They shouldn’t have! Because that is more weakness, it draws more aggression.”Moore agreed there was a “lot of truth to that” before defending Trump, insisting that the president “is a fighter” and didn’t want him to withdraw.“Good! I believe that,” Carlson replied. Read more at The Daily Beast.


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