Undocumented employees at Trump club say they were told to work overtime with no pay

Several undocumented immigrants who worked at Trump National Golf Club Westchester in New York say they were told by managers to clock out, but continue to work overtime without pay, The Washington Post reports.

The New York attorney general is investigating allegations that workers at the club did not receive their rightful pay, and prosecutors have interviewed 30 former employees, who also provided their pay stubs and W-2 forms. Many of them were fired earlier this year, when the company purged undocumented workers.

Jose Gabriel Juarez once served as the head waiter at the club’s restaurant, the Grille Room, and told the Post after the restaurant closed for the night, his boss would order him to clock out, but then stay to vacuum, polish silverware, and prep the restaurant for the next day’s breakfast. Juarez was never paid for this overtime work, he said. “It was that way with all the managers,” he told the Post. “Many of them told us, ‘Just clock out and then stay and do the side work.’ There was a lot of side work.”

Several former workers told the Post the club knew that they were undocumented and used fake documents to gain employment, and because of their immigration status, they were denied promotions, health insurance, and vacation days. The Trump Organization denies knowingly employing undocumented immigrants. Read more about how the employees say they were treated, and what it was like when Trump showed up at the club, at The Washington Post.

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