Update: FBI investigating alt-Reich scheme to smear Robert Mueller with sexual assault claims

The Kavanaugh “bump” faded almost before it could be registered, and Donald Trump’s attempts to turn a few hundred frightened families 1,000 miles from the US border into a military emergency have only inflamed racist hatred on this side of the border. With less than a week to go before Election Day, Republicans are flailing for something else, anything else, that might serve as a last-minute flag to rally their troops and decrease Democratic enthusiasm. The target of that effort appears to be special counsel Robert Mueller.

Already, noted figures in the most radical edges of the white nationalist media, including conspiracy theory central The Gateway Pundit, are spreading the “a big story is coming on Mueller” seeds. The gist of this upcoming “story” seems to be claims that Mueller is guilty of sexual harassment. As journalist Scott Stedman reports, this idea has been percolating among the alt-Reich ranks for some time. 

Stedman: Two weeks ago, I was contacted by a woman who claimed to be a former associate of Mueller who said that she got a phone call from a man working on behalf of a GOP operative who was paying women to come forward to make up sexual assault allegations.

It’s unclear if these operatives have been able to find any takers, or if the story will simply be completely unsupported bullshit. After all, if Donald Trump can stand up and claim that people are currently rioting in California over immigration, that towns on Long Island are celebrating their liberation from MS-13 “like something out of World War II,” that Barack Obama was about to go to war with North Korea, and that a caravan of Honduran refugees contains “a high percentage” of Middle Eastern terrorists … why should anyone on the right hesitate to just pull a story from any handy orifice?

None of this is to say that Robert Mueller is automatically a saint. He’s not. Or that he’s automatically excused from any claims of sexual harassment. He isn’t. Or that any woman coming forward with such a claim against Mueller should not be heard. She should.

But this doesn’t appear to be a “story breaking.” It appears to be “story making.”

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