White supremacists and conspiracy theorists are out in full force at Trump’s campaign rally

President Trump’s 2020 reelection bid is attracting a questionable crowd.

Trump is holding a Tuesday night rally in Orlando that officially launches his 2020 campaign, and hours before it began, thousands of supporters were already out waiting in the rain. Those supporters notably included swaths of white supremacists and believers in the often-destructive QAnon conspiracy, who marched in groups to wait for Trump’s arrival.

In the hours before the rally, Trump backers in “Q” merchandise were everywhere. QAnon believers think Trump is discretely overthrowing entrenched government forces, Democrats, and Hollywood elites, and that there’s an anonymous high-level government agent who goes by “Q” constantly updating followers on his progress.


Some Q bros in at the Trump rally in #Orlando. There are so many Q people here pic.twitter.com/75kdRd79gi

— Christopher Mathias (@letsgomathias) June 18, 2019


Groups of white supremacists calling themselves “Proud Boys” also donned matching polos and marched toward anti-Trump protesters outside the rally, flashing “okay” hand gestures that reportedly represent a “W” and a “P” to make “white power.” Orlando police stopped them from getting too close to the protesters.


More of the same white power signs in Orlando. pic.twitter.com/llWIj5V8FC

— Philip Crowther (@PhilipinDC) June 18, 2019


And as The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman spotted, one person waiting outside the Trump rally combined both those ideologies into one sign.


Handmade sign outside Trump rally: “Q is ”

— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) June 18, 2019


Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel’s editorial board issued a very timely opinion ahead of the campaign launch, saying they haven’t decided on a certain 2020 candidate to endorse, but that it certainly won’t be Trump.

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