With funding still unresolved for 2019, Trump looks to blow up the whole 2020 budget on defense

While Congress and Individual 1 still haven’t figured out what they’re going to do to fully fund government for 2019, Trump is already sabotaging funding for 2020. Reversing his calls for a decrease in defense spending, he’s now telling the Pentagon to balloon their request for funding in the next election year.

Back in October, Trump said that defense spending for 2020 would be $700 billion, in keeping with the 5 percent cuts other agencies are planning. He’s also called the current FY2019 spending level of $716 billion “crazy.” Now he says he wants a whopping $750 billion for 2020, either because he’s totally forgotten everything he said before—likely—or he thinks that’ll make him look tougher for re-election in 2020 or he’s going to build his wall out of tanks and troops.

Or there’s the spin the administration has decided to try to put on this: “Trump suggested the new $750 billion number during the Tuesday meeting as a ‘negotiating tactic’ to ensure that Democratic opposition does not push the eventual defense budget below the $733 billion that Mattis, Inhofe and Thornberry were pursuing.” Sure, it’s all part of a big strategy thought up by that brilliant strategizer Trump. Made even more brilliant by communicating exactly what his strategy is months in advance.

Or what another source told Politico on that whole strategy thing. “That said, the president changes his mind constantly.”


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